Remembering my loving Father, Santo Malave,

One of my first Mental Health Soldiers.

Sunrise: 10-16-1960 Sunset: 07-18-2018

Our Stories

We Are Not Defined by Our Mental or Medical Disorders;

We Are Individuals, Fighting Mental Health Stigmas Together!

*Our Stories Are In Destigmatized Combat Zones                                                                                                 

*Stories should be around 500 words.                                                                                                        

*Mental Health Soldier, LLC Team may contact you to discuss your story further.                                    

*Submissions are accepted only on condition that publication of that material is not under restriction on its publication. We cannot accept any submissions that are already copyrighted.                                                                                                                               

*Mental Health Soldier, LLC reserves all and final editorial privileges, including the right to choose not to use submissions that may be edited at the discretion of the editorial staff.                                                                                                                                             

*Please submit at least one photo to accompany your story.

Disclaimer: Each story submitted to Mental Health Soldier, LLC for this soldier page is published “as-is,” with only minimal edits for spelling, grammar, and typographical mistakes. Each profile reflects the personal views, experiences and opinions of the individual authors—and, thus does not necessarily represent the views and/or endorsements, individually or collectively, of Mental Health Soldier, LLC, its leadership, staff, boards, or communities. We can also not confirm any medical, mental claims, or comments in the story.

Thank you for your participation!