MEDALS OF HONOR To Our Mental Health Soldiers

A mesage from Alenna Smith, PMHNP-BC, CEO and Founder of Mental Health Soldier, LLC.

Thank you to all our current Mental Health Soldiers, future Mental Health Soldiers, and Past Mental Health Soldiers. It is each one of you individuals who have supported our mission and continue to believe in our vision. We cannot thank you enough for your dedication, trust, perseverance, FIGHT, individuality, and SUPPORT. We recognize that each one of YOU contribute to our company's culture and help add to a Multicultural/Diverse World.

We salute you for your strength, building trusting relationships, sacrifices, vulnerabilities, courage, expertise, sharing of personal experiences, Individuality (because we know your mental health disorder does not define WHO YOU ARE), teamwork, SHOWING UP, touching lives, serving a purpose in this world, and so many other meaningful recognitions that you deserve.

I want to personally thank all of you for your understanding, especially when my daughter, Salenna who is 1 years old was physically abused/assaulted/endangered by an ex-care provider/evildoer on April 28, 2021. As a parent and an individual who has LOVE and COMPASSION for ALL children, which I know every one of you have expressed the same as well, this HATE/EVIL crime impacted our entire community. These crimes impact our entire WORLD. We have and will continue to FIGHT for Justice for Salenna and all victims/survivors of any form of CHILD ABUSE. We must continue to be the VOICES for our children and let the world and corrupt legal systems know they are FAILING OUR CHILDREN.

Each one of you stood by my side when I had to reschedule your appointments or could not respond to emails quickly because of court appearances to fight for Salenna. What always stood out to me was your Support through this nightmare. It was YOU who let me know that it is ok to be vulnerable with you just how you are with me because I am HUMAN too living in a WORLD that can be brutal, unfair, unjust, racist, and cold. To this day our client turnover rate remains low, and I can only give credit to where credit is due.

Please continue to Push through the storm Mental Health Soldiers because you are not in these trying times alone. We have meant it from day one that “WE HAVE YOUR BACK”, so in the words of Denzel Washington, "FALL FORWARD" because at Mental Health Soldier, LLC, we are here to catch YOU. Allow yourselves to LOVE, BE LOVED, SMILE, Feel Laughter, Feel JOY, Debunk Mental Health Stigmas, MATTER To YOU, Spread Positivity, LIVE.

“If You Have Only One Smile In YOU, Give It To The People YOU LOVE”

---Maya Angelou


Alenna Smith, PMHNP-BC

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